We would highly recommend Label-it for any company looking for high quality and competitively priced labels. Having dealt with the company for a number of years, we have never been disappointed with their efficiency and service.

Derek Couzens


Label-it are experts at turning around jobs quickly, which is great if you need your labels in a hurry.

Goodfan Phiri


Brilliant Service, Good Price & Quick Delivery. The labels are extremely good quality and are perfect for the job. We’ll definitely be coming back in the future!

Tina Kruger


As always with a new supplier, we were worried that the quality or appearance may not be quite what we expected. However, we are delighted with the labels in terms of both appearance and quality! You made the whole process a pleasurable experience, and I would have no reservations about recommending you to all my contacts.

Tony Wall


From my initial enquiry to delivery I have been very impressed with the high level of service and won't hesitate to recommend you - many thanks.

Ishaan Haripersad


From the speedy quote, to the speedy print, I was really pleased with the level of service and the finished quality of my labels. Thanks very much for doing a good job!

Lydia Oilondo


I received my labels a few days ago and I'd like to say how impressed I am with the service from start to finish. The speed and efficiency, the professionalism, the quality of the product and to top it all the price. It is such a pleasure to deal with a company like yours because it makes my life easier in not having to deal with problems and I in turn can offer a good service to my customers. I will certainly be doing business with you again and have no hesitation in recommending you.

Panos Prevesanos


Best prices, speedy quote and service. Would strongly recommend Label-it Packaging.

Carike Molenaar Online Matters


I've now placed several orders with Label-it Packaging. Friendly advice, speedy quotes, mindful production. Thanks to everyone for a great service.

Rene Liebenberg

Sticker Suppliers in Johannesburg

For sticker suppliers in Gauteng, call us on 0860 103 569 or complete an online enquiry

Finding the right sticker suppliers in Johannesburg for the needs of your business can seem daunting and time-consuming. However, this difficult decision will be easier by following these helpful tips, including common problems to avoid. There are factors to consider when choosing which sticker suppliers to go with such as price, design, and quality.  To avoid wasting time and money, look for high quality sticker suppliers to fulfill each unique need.

Importance of Quality Sticker Suppliers

Choosing among top quality sticker suppliers is crucial for any company’s success. This is because the overall design and sticker quality will either impress or disappoint potential clients. Each business will need a special representation because all companies have a unique status and reputation to keep up. Ideally, a supplier that can offer visual appeal will likely prompt a positive response from clients. All too many businesses try to pinch pennies by finding only the cheapest sticker suppliers with no regard to the level of quality.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in terms of choice of sticker suppliers. The greatest benefit of having more options is the decrease in high prices. Throughout the world, there are plenty of quality choices to pick from so geographical location is no longer a concern. Businesses now have much more freedom to choose from many sticker suppliers, even if the company is on the opposite side of the globe. With quality options available, there is no reason to settle for lower standards.

Common Problems with Sticker Suppliers

In order to decide whether sticker suppliers are suitable for your company’s needs, be sure to keep an eye out for common problems that may hinder quality and timeliness. Especially when printing stickers for advertising purposes, receiving the finished product on time is crucial to support deadlines. Another problem to look for is accuracy of printing. For industries such as medical or pharmaceutical, any misprint could mean a huge financial loss for the business. A major concern when choosing sticker suppliers is honesty. Beware of companies that will use poor quality materials to manufacture the product because the wasted cost is a small consequence but presenting a less than ideal image can compromise the success of a business.

Find the Best Sticker Suppliers

Always consider the level of experience the sticker suppliers have in manufacturing customs labels. It is wise to avoid companies that offer only templates without customizable designs. This is simply because no company represents themselves just like another, especially their competitors. The best suppliers will offer visually appealing and unique choices. In addition, consider how consistent and helpful the company is. When designing a sticker, guidance is extremely helpful to maximize the effects. If the supplier is unwilling to offer advice, then this red flag is a sure sign to look elsewhere. Sticker suppliers are in such a high demand that they are easy to find from any place in the world.

Label-it Packaging in Johannesburg, South Africa is one of the most reliable sticker suppliers in Gauteng and services areas including Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban and neighbouring countries, such as Botswana, Mozambique, Kenya, Namibia, Zimbabwe and more.

Give Label-it Packaging a call on 0860 103 569 for all your sticker requirements today!

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