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Wrap Around Labels

Wrap around labels are most commonly used for carbonated soft drinks and require sophisticated application equipment. Because they encircle the bottle, there is a large area for branding. Unlike self-adhesive labels, they do not require a liner which makes them more cost effective.

Multi-Layer Label

Multi-layer labels are ideal in situations where there is too much information to fit on the front of the label.  Customers can easily peel back one or more layers of the label to access warning information or instructions for use etc.

Coupon Label

Coupon labels are generally printed full colour on the front with terms and conditions and a unique number on the back of the label. Our offset digital press can either use the data set provided by the customer, or print sequential numbers or bar codes, depending on the requirements of the competition or promotion.

Shrink Sleeve

Shrink sleeves provide 360 degree product decoration for maximum on shelf appeal. Many of our customers use our digital printing capability for sampling and proofing before commencing production runs on our flexo presses.

Waterproof Labels

Waterproof labels are necessary where products may be refrigerated and experience condensation or even total immersion in an ice bucket. Applying a UV varnish to a paper label will provide limited resistance to condensation. Laminating a paper label will provide excellent resistance to condensation and fair resistance to immersion. Plastic (generally Polypropylene) labels are fully waterproof.

Label it

Security labels can be used in a variety of applications but are mostly used to deter theft of counterfeiting. Tamper evident labels are virtually impossible to remove because they just break apart. Void labels show a generic message like “warranty void”when they are tampered with.

Removable Labels

Removable labels are essential where the end user needs to remove the label without leaving a sticky mess behind. There are a number of options available. Many removable adhesives will become permanent over time so it’s important to ensure you use the right one for you application.

Plastic Labels

Plastic labels are ideal for applications where you expect the label might come in contact with oil or water.

Blank Labels

Blank labels are ideal for printing variable information for example ingredients and sell by dates

Foil labels chocolate packaging

Foil labels really draw your attention and give the impression that a product is premium. There are a number of different effects you can create with foil which are difficult to illustrate with photographs. We will be happy to discuss different options with you or send samples of work we have done.


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