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Printer Ribbons

Printer Ribbons Keep Your Business Efficient

Whilst thermal printer ribbons may be used for printing any kind of variable information, they are mainly used to print barcode labels. Thermal printer ribbons, wax ribbons, resin ribbons and wax resin ribbons are also compatible with thermal printers. An automated process linking your printer, computer and point of sale system ensures that your stock count is up to date, which ultimately streamlines your entire business. But don’t forget, it all starts with the right printer ribbon.

Choose from our great range of printer ribbons and print on many different substrates. Label-it sell a great range of printer ribbons such as wax ribbons, wax resin ribbons, thermal transfer ribbons, resin ribbons and even near edge ribbons.   

Thermal Transfer Ribbons
Thermal Transfer

By using a thermal transfer ribbon, you can reduce running costs because the print heads last longer due to the reduced abrasion. The leader on the ribbon will automatically clean your printer head when you change your ribbon.

Resin Ribbons

Synthetic substrates generally require the use of a resin ribbon. Although the cheaper grades of ribbon may print on these substrates, Resin ribbons provide superior smudge and scuff resistance and some grades are rated for years of UV exposure. Asset tracking labels and durable labels printed on synthetics require the use of resin ribbons.

Wax Resin Ribbons
Wax Resin

Even on very smooth or coated paper, wax-resin ribbons produce fine images, which are more smear and smudge resistant than plain wax ribbons. For product and warehouse labels, retail or healthcare labels, wax-resin labels are ideal.

Wax Ribbons

Wax ribbons have the advantage of being the lowest costing printer ribbons. Whilst wax ribbons must be kept dry and away from oil and other chemicals, they are durable and still survive years without smudging. Wax ribbons are great for printing onto semi-gloss or matt paper as general labelling for products, mailing, warehouse and shipping labels.

Near Edge Ribbons
Near Edge

Near edge ribbons are designed for use in printers using near edge technology, which enables the printer to print within a few millimetres of the edge of the thermal head, resulting in higher quality printing, faster printing speeds, a longer print-head life and the ability to print smaller fonts. Near edge ribbons are generally used for printing on synthetic labels in large volumes.

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